Postdoctoral Research Associate in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies


Carlos Pittella is a poet, researcher and educator; author of "Civilizações Volume Dois" (Palimage, 2005), co-author of "Como Fernando Pessoa Pode Mudar a Sua Vida" (Tinta-da-china, 2017) and editor of "People of the Archive" (Gávea-Brown, 2016), Fernando Pessoa's "Fausto" (Tinta-da-China, 2018) and Hubert Jennings's biography of Pessoa, "The Poet with Many Faces" (Gávea-Brown, 2018). In 2012, he defended his PhD thesis on the sonnets of Pessoa (PUC-Rio) and received a BNP/FLAD grant to do further research on Pessoa’s archive. From 2012 to 2014, he worked as curriculum chair at Global Citizenship Experience, Chicago. In 2015, he became affiliated with University of Lisbon's Centre for Theatre Studies to work on the online edition of Pessoa's Fausto. In 2016, he prepared the preliminary inventory of the Hubert Jennings papers and guest-edited a special issue of Pessoa Plural dedicated to the Jennings archive. He currently works as Postdoctoral Research Associate at Brown University, doing research on Jennings's and Pessoa's archives and coordinating the Journals@BDR project. He may be reached at

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